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Heihachi Mishima
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Mishima Family Character Creation Empty Mishima Family Character Creation

on Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:06 am
Heihachi Gabriel Mishima, Age: 42 (Biologically 31), Patriarch of the Mishima Family.

in fighting clothes: Mishima Family Character Creation 20p5zd
In regular clothes: Mishima Family Character Creation N68k2d

Heihachi Mishima Bio: Born to Jinpachi Nicholas Mishima as the oldest of his generation he was destined to lead the clan into the next era. Thus Heihachi was given tougher training that transformed him into the tough man he is today. While possessing a personality like that of iron: stubborn and patient, he is not without other qualities. He is kind to his family and regularly partakes in their training. Heihachi is the main politician in the family but is guided and helped by the rest of the Mishimas. He seeks power above most things but his clans continued future above even that. His greatest fear is not leaving a legacy and watching the clan crumble.

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Mishima Family Character Creation Empty Bogdanov Kazadag

on Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:49 am
Name: Bogdanov Kazadag
Age: 51
Bio: Bogdanov was born in his far off Homeland of Kazagadagastan but was sent to the Mishima family court at a young age to learn of his duties as a bannerman to the powerful family. he studied with both commanders and scholars and has become an expert in both modern and traditional Military strategy, he is an avid historian and serves his position as both Kazagadagastan's only international government representative and bannerman to the Mishima family with honor. He is a calm and observant man who rarely loses his temper, he is persistent as once he has his mind set on a task he will not rest until it is completed.
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