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Topeka: The Complete History Empty Topeka: The Complete History

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Ancient Topeka


In 430 B.C. three Dolgrothian Fleets sailed North and landed at Hinkis beach. They ventured across the Velra Plains and founded the settlement that would become Tunki. The Dulgrothians dubbed the Velra plains "Nuris Dulgroth" and a Dolgroth Colony government established in 380 A.D. Donj Kamel was the second crowned jewel of the New Dulgrothian Empire established in 550 A.D. For many years the Colonies of Dolgroth served as bustling centers for trade and exploration. in 620 A.D. Emperor Zhan of Dolgroth fell deathly ill. As he lay on his deathbed a coupe overtook the capitol city and the dying emperor signed away his power to General Rog Visurus. Visurus gained the support of the main garrison in Dolgroths forces and began a crusade to bring the empire under his rule. In the war that followed the colonies served as a haven to those who opposed Visurus. By 639 Visurus had seized mainland Dolgrith and set his eye on Nuris. The remnants of the Dolgroth resistance alongside countless colonists stood there ground and 60 royal ships of Dolgroth were destroyed by the forces. The defeat was humiliating and Visurus abandoned the siege. In 643 Visurus and rebel leaders agreed to cease hostilities, Visurus ascended to emperor of Dolgroth and the colonies became independent.


In late 643 AD hostilities between Visurus and those who opposed him had stopped and Dolgriths Colonies now stood alone. The new kingdom began in Tunki. After the war was over two powerful factions stood to take control of Tunki. The first was a faction of Dolgothian rebels who had defended the city from Dolgrothian siege. The leader was General Baug. He had gained the loyalty of many colonists as well who now stood ready to fight for him. It was clear the defense of the city would fall to Baug which gave him incredible influence. The second faction was the Charion family. The family led by its patriarch Clarence Charion, made a fourtune selling weapons and supplies to both the rebels and the Dolgroth empire. His massive wealth and influence commanded respect. Charion was quick and decisive with his political moves and soon held favor amoung other powerful public figures. Charion and Baug would eventually strike a deal that solidified Charion as the top contender for power in Tunik. By spring of 646 Charion would effectively seize control of the city non violently by seizing the old colonial capitol while escorted by a battalion of Baugs men. Soon the capitol would release statements proclaiming Tunki now under the jurisdiction of "Lord Charion" and his appointed cabinet including "Commander of the Guard Baug" Donj Kamel would fall under the control of it's merchants guilds until the summer of 674 when Clarence's son, Lord Eric Charion, Ordered Tunki soldiers to march on Donj Kamel and collect taxes. Small bands of resistance were quickly squashed and soon Charions presence in Donj Kamel was very apparent by a battalion of soldiers now being garrisoned there. By 681 Eric Charion was proclaimed King of Nuris Dolgroth. His successor King Reginald would spend his regin establishing new settlements throughout the domain and expanding the borders. He also began trade with Dolgoth once again in 699 after the remnants of Visursus's regime had finally been wiped out.


By 715 A.D. Tunki and Donj Kamel stood amoungst many new settlements in the Kingom of Nuris Dolgrith but some did not wish to live under the control of the Charions and moved west to uninhabited land to settle new establishments. In 718 Padil Sera, A merchant from Donj Kamel set out with 50 followers to found a new settlement in the west. Sera ventured far to the west coast and founded Padil. The trek from Padil to Donj Kamel was tracherous and so Padil remained far from Charions reach for many years. Padils descendants watched over the new establishment and by 780 new Seran establishment were being established. In 814 Marcus Sera was names "King of Sera, the same year a settlement "Sera" was established closer to the border of Nuris Dolgrith. It was during this period that conditions between the two kingdoms began to deteriorate.
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