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Posting some Quotes Empty Posting some Quotes

on Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:54 am
Use this topic to post some of your favorite quotes.

"What is important is that no matter what path you choose, you don't make an excuse of it."
Hanamoto sensei (Honey and Clover)

“Loneliness comes suddenly like waves and recedes just as fast. That continues on forever. It’s the same for you. It’s the same for everyone.”
Hanamoto sensei (Honey and Clover)

"I finally understood after screaming some. I'd been afriad this whole time. I was afraid because I couldn't see my future. I was afraid of not knowing what I wanted to do.. and of myself for not knowing that. And.. I was afraid of the days that nevertheless flew by mercilessly. But.. even then... if I keep riding like this will I be able to see it? Someday, even I?"
Takemoto (Honey and Clover)

"Why do I always end up dreaming? Over and over, never getting tired of it like a fool repeating the only the think he knows."
Yamada (Honey and Clover)

"Although there's no way to stop what flows downstream... let's just be ourselves for now. Just for a little while longer. Let's pass through the town with its snowy scent on the way home and eat something warm and then... curl up and fall asleep."
Takemoto (Honey and Clover)

"I like cherry blossoms. But... why do I feel relieved when they scatter? Is it because I'm released from that melancholy feel of lamenting their scattering?"
Takemoto (Honey and Clover)

"As time passes, the day will come when everything will fade to memories. But, those miraculous days, when you and I along with everyone else, searched together for just one thing... will continue revolving forever. Somewhere deep in my heart as my bittersweet memory."
Takemoto (Honey and Clover)
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