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The History and Lore of the Uchiha Clan Empty The History and Lore of the Uchiha Clan

on Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:49 pm
The History and Lore of the Uchiha Clan

Chapter I
Shinichi And the Founding of the Clan

Eons ago in a small village nestled next to the great mountain Daiyama there was born a babe named Shinichi. Born to the village leader Shinichi grew up in this small village, however it was not long before things were unable to stay the same. When Shinichi was a young lad of no more than 7 or 8, a band of bandits came and raided the village. Seeing his village burning, the cries of terror all around, Shinichi who was on the opposite end of the village when the attack started tried to go home, but alas it was already on fire. He couldn’t see his parents anywhere, and could hear the bandits fast approaching. He ran into the forest and kept running.
 Eventually Shinichi was able to make it to an old cave on the other side of Daiyama. He stayed there for five days, forging to get by. When he felt that that the danger had passed he tried to return to his old village. Upon coming to its remains he found almost nothing. Most of the houses had burnt down or were in ruins, those who might have survived were nowhere to be seen. In hiding or they moved on, it was hard to tell. Shinichi went and tried looking for his family, but with no success. His old house in ashes, nothing remained. Tears ran down his face, his life was overturn in the matter of one night. What was he do to do now? He had nothing.

   Looking upon Daiyama Shinichi made a promise, he would one day return after he brought justice upon those bandits. Thus resolved he headed off into the wilderness with nothing more than the close on his back and some salvaged tools he was able to find. He would live off the land and train himself for the day of judgement he knew was coming.

   For ten years Shinichi traveled and trained across the woods. Traveling to the far north point of the forgotten mountain, down across the lonely river, and then south to the valley of the two friends, and then again he wandered. Here in the woods he traveled and grew into a man. A man of great strength and fortitude. Finally, after feeling ready he set out on his solemn quest. To kill every single bandit who raided his village. Judgement had been cast ten years ago, and now it was to be enacted.
Now Shinichi traveled with purpose, he scoured the land for information and clues that might lead to where he was searching. It took month asking around, going into every village, city, and town he came across; the lonely mountain cottage, to the traveling walking the other way--all were asked if they knew. He knew only one clue, that their insignia was that of a skull with a rose in its mouth.

It eventually took another year and a half to find a clue. A small but solid clue, that their base was located some thirty miles away from Daiyama. Resolved he headed out. He decided to first head to where Daiyama once was. Upon coming to it, he found most of the ruins moved away and in its place a small new village was just getting started. Resolved Shinichi decide that once he carried out judgement he would return and settle down.

He set off on the journey, one goal in mind--one purpose. Eventually after a few days travel he arrived to where the hint suggested that their base might be. The clue was right, here it was, the banner with a skull with a rose in its mouth flew. Wooden palisades around. Just then he heard a snap. A patrol was just feet away from him. They had yet to see him, just two people. They passed. Shinichi got out, and killed them both. He decided to disguise himself in the bandit garb of one of them and head back to the camp. Luckily the guards let him through with little trouble, though they did seem a bit suspicious but waved it off.  

He made his way through the camp and stopped at one of the fires. Questioning those people to see if they still remember the Daiyama raid, indeed some did but only in legend. He said that those who really remembered it were the Captain and his small council. He went along with it all, and eventually made his way to the council, set up at the center. However, before he decided to poison the food, water, and alcohol. He might only be able to take out the center, but the rest would soon parish.

Making his way to the center he listened it, but started to fraternize with the others. Soon the poison would kick in for most of the regular men. It was a slower poison taking hours to work, but it would kill. When he was sure that most everyone had drank or ate, he moved to confront the council and king.
“Do you remember that night, oh almost eleven years ago?” Shinichi called out?
“AH! The Daiyama village, such a puny thing. Ahahah, but the fire was magnificent wasn’t it. It lasted for a day or more. I even remember the village chief, pleading for mercy. Ah such old memories. But how do you know boy? You look so young?” The Captain answered back.
“Because…” Taking off his bandana which covered his face. “I was but a boy then, but that was my village home, the chief my father. You murdered many, and burned it. So I will do the same. Judgement where judgement is due. Nothing more, nothing less.”  
At these words the Captain and his crew jumped up and drew swords. “You think you, just one boy, can defeat all of us?”
“I don’t need to.” At this many started to feel the poison coursing through their veins. Shinichi had made sure not to poison the Captain and council. He would carry out judgement with his own swords on them. Men started to fall.
“Wait, what? What did you do?!” The Captain called.
“Didn’t I tell you? Judgement.” Shinichi responded.

The Captain leapt forward, his men were of no use, but he had himself and his council who seemed unaffected. He battled Shinichi in mortal combat, as his men died around him. However, one by one, Shinichi took down his council. Till eventually the Captain lay kneeling on the ground.
“Mercy. I beg, mercy!” The Captain cried.
“There is no mercy for those who give none.” And so the Captain fell. As Shinichi left he set fire to everything. The bandit group was dead, gone, and cast aside. Never again would they murder, raid, loot, or cause terror. They were now nothing more than history, dust in the wind, an afterthought.
Shinichi eventually made his way back to Daiyama, and like he pledged, he settled down.

Years went by and Shinichi built a house, started to farm, and eventually married a girl named Keiko. Together they had many children. Shinichi for the first time in forever he was able to feel the emotions that he thought had been burnt in the fire of that raid so many years ago.  He learned love again, friendship, joy, happiness, and so much more. Indeed he was never happier. Out of the depths of misery he rose to the highest of felicity.

Eventually the village found out that Shinichi was the one who destroyed the bandits and who was the son of the old chief. He raised up as a hero, the Hero of Daiyama. He was made village chief, and given all the praise he could ever want. His legend grew, and soon enough traveled, just as he once had, across all the land. Everyone soon came to know of the Hero of Daiyama. As his legend grew so did that small village. Within a decade it became not a village, but town, then from town to city.

Then came word. A new band of bandits were terrorizing the local lands--from cities to villages to small farms. None were spared, all were attacked. Shinichi could not let this go. He called upon all those who could bear arms and fight to follow him. Together they would lead the charge and push the bandits out. With his call to action, many followed he called and people of the West heard the Hero of Daiyama call. And people answered. He raised hundreds to thousands of people. Together they descended upon the bandits like waves upon a pebble. The bandits were not small in number but they were small compared to those coming against them.

Once the smoke cleared and the bandits were dealt with, Shinichi was left with a group of people from all across the West. They had heard his call and answered. They answered the call of their hero, who fame now rose to even newer heights. They were willing to follow him even with the bandits gone. Thus they joined together and called forth a great assembly of men from all across and made The Western Union. Propping the Hero of Daiyama up as their King. And a King must have a clan, indeed he did--looking around at his wife and children. He decided to call it Uchiha.

Chapter N
The Modern Clan
   Some 40 years ago Kenichi took the throne of The Western Union, son of Osamu. Lewis, was the younger brother of Kenichi. Kenichi ruled like those kings of old and was beloved by his subjects. The clans got along magnificently, or so it seemed on the surface. Who knows what lurked beneath the surface. Kenichi had three sons - Tyler, Mytzonia, and Niko. Tyler, heir apparent, was soon married off to a cousin, Hunt. Hunt was the sister of Obito, and the daughter of Nobu. This would make her and Tyler third cousins.
   Two years ago, Kenichi passed on. His son Tyler took up the throne. Surrounded by trusted family advisers, his brothers Mytzonia and Niko, his uncle Lewis, his wife Hunt, and Sister-in-law-Cousin Obito. Now Tyler must carry the mantle and guide the course of The Western Union into the present.
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