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The Western Union Regional Charter Empty The Western Union Regional Charter

on Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:02 pm
The Articles Of The Union

Put forth by the Uchiha Family to the region birthed from their minds.

The Regent & Founder Tyler Uchiha AKA Topeka hereby decrees the following

Article I, Regional Integrity & Security
a. The Regent is to hold the position of founder. The Royal family Uchiha will be comprised of the founding regional members and any additional that the family will adopt in the future.
b. The Commander of The Union will be selected by the Regent and be next in line to be Regent should the Regent become unable to secure the region as founder.
c. The Noble Families will be groups of 4+ regional citizens registered as a family, with the Royal archives. If there are 3 or less Noble houses, 2 of them, if more than more than 50% of Noble houses, could decided to deny the Union commander the title of regent and select another member of the Royal family
d. The Royal Family will be in charge of all activities and RP relating to the monarchy

Article II, The Ministers of The Regent
a. The Prime Minister will be the head of the Cabinet, and hold the WA Delegate position, and serve terms of 45 days. The Prime Minister will be tasked with appointing Ministers, Judges, and may veto legislation from parliament or sign it to pass
b. The Minister of Regional Affairs will be appointed by the Prime Minister and will be tasked with maintaining nation RP in the forms of Map RP's and International legislation RPs.
c. The Minister of Interior will be charged with keeping an accurate record of registered citizens and setting up elections and polls
d. The Minister of Foreign affairs will be tasked with conducting relations with other regions and managing embassies.
e. The Prime Minister may not hold any other government positions

Article III, Parliament
a. a legislature of 3 elected members shall make up the parliament
b. to pass a bill more than 50% of the vote is needed
c. to pass a constitutional amendment 2/3 of the vote is needed
d. MP's will serve terms of 45 days

Article IV, The Noble Courts
a. Members of the court will be appointed by the prime minister and confirmed by majority parliament vote
b. The Courts will be comprised of a 3 justice panel
c. The courts will be tasked with resolving regional disputes and prosecuting violators of community standards
d. A 2/3 majority will decide the ruling of the courts
e. A Justice will serve a term of 90 days and must be re confirmed every 30 days to continue in office
f. A Chief Justice will be appointed by the PM to decide on court policy and manage cases.

Article V, Citizenship and Elections
a. Elections will be held on the forum, and managed by the Minister of Interior
b. In order to obtain Citizenship you must register for it on the forum, the minister of Interior will be responsible for processing citizenship requests.
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