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The Monarchy RP, Guide Empty The Monarchy RP, Guide

on Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:44 pm
The Monarchy RP Guide
The Monarchy RP is based around events in a medieval world with magic, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. These events are focused on the Noble families of The Western Union.

Families are factions within the RP. A family may be between 3-7 members all with specific land holdings and titles. A family must appoint a head member to serve as Duke. Families may adopt from other families and members may branch out to create new families if they meet the membership requirements. Uchiha is established as The Royal family, and Mishima as the first Noble family. Each family member will need to create a character with relation to the family they are joining and must be assigned a Noble rank from their families Lord, and a base user point rating from the King.

User Points
Using a randomiser the King will roll 5 20 sided dice to determine each individuals base skill. One may improve that rating through ranks, and titles.

Titles of Nobility
King/Duke +20 UP
Marquess (Holder of 2 counties) +15 UP
Count (Holder of 1 county) +10 UP
Baron (Holder of settlement) +5 UP

Each family will have three ranks to give to family members, limited to one rank per individual
Hier +10 UP
Commander of the Army +10 UP
Commander of the Guard +10 UP

Once it is determined what your User point rating is you may select magical abilities from the list below

Tier I Magic Users 5-19 user points
Water: Can control small amounts of pre existing surface water, equal to the amount of a puddle
Fire: Can control small pre existing flames from candles and torches with a heat intensity producing a red flame.
Earth: Superior balance when grounded, useful in combat. Ability to manipulate topsoils and small rocks
Air: The ability to shield from heavy winds, and create small gusts of air comparable to a sneeze.
Lightning: Can control small static electric pulses and resist strong electric currents.
Metal: Individual gains a selective magnetic field that can be used to manipulate small metal objects and tools.
Sand: The ability to manipulate small amounts of sand particles, The ability to use sand to move across desert areas.
Ice: The ability to cool small amounts of surface water, no larger than a puddle
Tier II Magic Users 20 - 39 User Points
Water: Can manipulate small amounts of water at high velocities weaponizing it, can heal minor cuts and scrapes
Fire: Can manipulate larger amounts of pre existing fire the size of a campfire with a heat intensity producing a red flame\
Earth: Ability to manipulate larger amounts of top soil and small rocks at higher velocities weaponizing them
Air: The ability to create small whirlwinds, with gusts up to 25 mph and create small cushions of air to levitate up to 10 ft
Lighting: Ability to control larger pulses of static electricity able to produce small not fatal bolts that cause pain and minor burns
Metal: Increased magnetic field able to manipulate small weapons such as daggers and iron tipped arrows at medium velocities (30mph)
Sand: The ability to move small amounts of sand at higher velocities weaponizing it, ability to travel great distances across sanded areas in a short time
Ice: The ability to shatter and manipulate small amounts of frozen water weaponizing them but at low velocity
Tier III 40 - 59 user points
Water: Can manipulate larger amounts of water, comparable to a large barrel able to draw water from the ground, at high velocities. Can heal moderate wounds and injuries
Fire: Can spark flame from the tips of their fingers, able to manipulate amounts of fire comparable to a campfire with a heat intensity of yellow
Earth: Able to manipulate large boulders and large amounts of top soil at higher velocities weaponizing them, ability to raise or lower 10 square feet of land mass.
Air: The ability to launch up to 100 feet in the air and glide for a mile, can create larger gusts of 40 mph
Lightning: The ability to control more potent bolts of static electricity causing more severe burns and fatalities if repeatedly struck
Metal: Increased magnetic pulse, able to lift large swords and axes, ability to bend metal and move it at 50 mph velocities
Sand: The ability to move large amounts of sand at high velocities and create and manipulate small shards of glass
Ice: The ability to shatter and manipulate large amounts of frozen water, comparable to the amount held in a large barrel, may draw water from the ground to freeze, can heal severe wounds and injuries
Tier IV 60 - 79 User points
Water: Can control larger amounts of water comparable to a small pond, at velocities exceeding 90 mph, ability to rejuvenate yourself maintaining the physique of youth.
Fire Can Manipulate large amounts of fire comparable to a house fire at a heat intensity of yellow.
Earth: The ability to move areas of land sizes of 50 square feat, able to move large rocks and boulder at velocities of 70mph
Air: The ability to sustain continued flight and altitudes of 100 feet, the ability to create winds gust up to 75 mph
Lightning: The Ability to produce lethal bolts of static electricity and unleash them at high velocities
Metal: Increased magnetic pulse, ability to meld large pieces of metal to create large weapons only a metal magician could wield, the ability harden and fortify weapons and armor
Sand: The ability to create large sandstorms and black out the sun over areas the size of small towns, ability to create and manipulate large glass objects
Ice: The ability to create shatter and manipulate shards of ice and project them at speeds of 75 mph
Tier V 80 - 100 User Points
Water Special Abilities
Light: The ability to breath and reside in an underwater environment
Dark: The Ability to manipulate water within blood
Fire Special Abilities
Light: Create Holy Fire (A fire that will not harm allies or innocents) burns at a heat intensity of Blue
Dark: Create Hellfire ( A fire that cannot be put out)
Earth Special Abilities:
Light: ability to create and manipulate shards of diamond
Dark: The ability to destroy All plant life, and soil fertility in a given area
Light: The ability to super heat or super cool gusts of air
Dark: The ability to manipulate air within a person's body
Light: Can summon multiple bolts at once
Dark: Can summon lightning from the sky a decimate an area of 50 square feet
Light: Can construct metal from elements in the ground
Dark: Can synthesize small amounts of antimatter, creating large explosions
Light: the ability to create large amounts of sandstone for defensive purposes
Dar: The ability to create quicksand
Light: The Ability to draw water from the air to create ice
Dark: The ability to freeze and manipulate blood

The RP will focus on modded arcs placed into play by the King or a selected mod. Each individual is free to RP free of the main story arc so long as they don’t impede upon it.
The Monarchy RP, Guide RP_Kingdom_Map-Duchy_Level
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